Rachel Leduc

Born in the Outaouais region, Rachel Leduc draws a remarkable professional achievements canvas.  Her 20 years dedication to the Canadian Government has enabled her to be considered one of the most solicited senior consultants in the fields of Staffing, Classification, Management and Planning.

Well-known and renowned for her Human Resources expertise, Rachel is always willing to share her knowledge and offer professional services for staffing processes at all levels. Rachel has mastered the ability to recognize operational requirements in a complex environment adopting a collective approach. To this date and through hard work and unwavering dedication she has built an enviable portfolio of more than 25 federal departments.

In her quest toward self-improvement, Rachel has attended numerous and varied international seminars and courses.  Rachel developed a special interest in the wellness and understanding of the human being.  She undertook intensive training in Neuro-Coaching at the Psychology and Anthropology Research Center and created programs that aims to help people build the bridge to finding their own truth, life balance and happiness.

In addition, Rachel has been hired to provide real estate investment training across the country to neophyte investors. She developed and delivered training that enabled them not only to understand complex concepts, but also how to research and identify hidden – that is to the untrained eye – opportunities.

Rachel’s involvement in various organizations and networks only reflects a very brief outlook of her community engagement and her dedication towards the well-being of others.

These experiences, combined with many speaking engagements, make her a trainer and speaker who delight audiences of all kinds.  Rachel adds to her conferences, individual sessions to address specific needs that may require counselling or to set in motion an appropriate course of action.

Rachel has an innate sense of repartee, accompanied by an impressive balance in all spheres of life.  She speaks and organizes her life in accordance with her values and beliefs, without curtailing the reality of others with whom she remains closely linked.

Keeping in mind her same concerns for excellence, health and beauty combined with her entrepreneurship skills, Rachel has reached her most daring accomplishment.  Her new line of beauty products was launched in September of 2010 under the name ‘Venustas’, latin for Beauty. Rachel was personally involved in the development and marketing of each product originating from New-Zealand.  Venustas is Rachel’s ultimate effort to promote the beauty in each woman, inside and out.

After taking part of the “You Deserve It!” event as a volunteer for a few years and wanting to fulfill one of her long time dreams, Rachel assumed leadership of the conference in 2010. With her vision of making a difference and inspiring women she decided to bring the event to another level and created “Vous le méritez bien!”. Furthermore, wanting to give more opportunity to showcase women, their passions, businesses and hobbies to other women, she developed a wide variety of events and travels for women only. Simply because They Deserve It!

Rachel is a very compassionate leader who cares about her community and the problems that concerns women particularly. She is motivated by the desire to promote opportunities for women to improve their socio-economic condition. She lives according to her principles and is involved in several organizations and local community groups.



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